Executive Master in AI Tools for your Business

Master the most advanced AI tools to supercharge your processes, minimize costs, and explode your revenue. Whether you’re a business leader or an ambitious professional, this executive course will equip you with the cutting-edge skills and strategies to harness the full potential of AI and lead your company or career to unprecedented success.

Unlock Unprecedented Efficiency ,
Quality, and Creativity with AI

37% Increased Speed

Leveraging AI can lead to a dramatic 37% increase in operational speed. This translates to accomplishing tasks that would normally take a week in just three days, according to MIT Economics.

48% Improvement in Quality​

As highlighted by Harvard Business School, integrating AI into your processes can improve the quality of your output by 48%.

9% Boost in Creativity​

The course also emphasizes creativity, with AI tools proven to enhance creative outputs by 9%, based on findings from the UCL School of Management.

This Course:

At the End of the Course, Students Will

Hands-On Learning: Use Cases, Exercises and Quizzes

100+ AI Tools, Use Cases & Exercises

You will see how to implement more than 100 AI solutions and tools in your company, and have hands-on experience with 50+ use cases, exercises and quizzes.


120 Videos

The Students have access to a staggering 120 videos and more than 6 hours of lessons!

Increased Productivity

By mastering these AI tools you will be able to increase your productivity, on average, by 37% (MIT Economics) and facilitate your work and that of your co-workers.

Examples of Tools Covered

Some of the AI tools that will be described and tried are ChatGPT, Midjourney, Writesonic, Jasper, Appypie, Runway and more.

Modules Overview

Dive into Module 1 where we unlock the essence of Artificial Intelligence, tracing its journey from inception to its current state, highlighting its potential to transform businesses and industries alike. Understand AI's core capabilities and how it can be leveraged to revolutionize your operations, opening new avenues for innovation and growth. We'll navigate through identifying unique AI opportunities that align with your business's specific needs, focusing on areas where AI can significantly reduce costs and boost earnings. Additionally, gain insights into the evolving AI landscape specifically for SMEs, equipped with a curated selection of user-friendly AI tools and platforms, enabling you to make informed decisions on integrating AI solutions that are tailor-made for enhancing your business strategy.

Step into Module 2 to unravel the intelligence behind AI through the lens of neural networks and algorithms. Dive into the world where machines mimic the complexity of the human brain, discovering how neural networks and artificial neurons pave the path for roundbreaking applications. Explore the strategic realm of algorithms, the decision-making essence of AI, from learning patterns to optimizing outcomes. Understand the synergy between data and algorithms, driving the precision of AI decisions. Witness the evolution with deep learning, expanding AI's capabilities into image recognition and beyond, showcasing its transformative impact on SMEs. This module is your guide to not just understanding AI's brainwork but leveraging it to fuel innovation and strategic growth in your business.

Dive into Module 3, where we explore AI's pivotal role in sculpting the future of revenue growth and cost optimization. Discover how AI tools streamline workflows and elevate customer experiences, adding unparalleled value to your organization. Journey through various industries, from healthcare to retail, to witness the transformative power of generative AI through real-world success stories. Learn to quantify the benefits with a focus on understanding the Return on Investment (ROI) of AI projects, assessing both tangible and intangible gains. We'll also guide you in pinpointing AI opportunities tailored to your business's unique needs, aimed at cost reduction and maximizing earnings. Furthermore, delve into the benefits and challenges of AI adoption, balancing the potential rewards with ethical considerations and risk management. Module 3 is your comprehensive guide to leveraging AI for strategic advantage, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

Unlock the essentials of AI tools, pivotal in transforming business operations and strategies across the board. Get introduced to the wide array of AI tools, from marketing to project management and beyond, understanding their unique roles and benefits. Delve into the functionalities that fuel their power, such as machine learning and natural language processing, equipping you with the knowledge to leverage their capabilities. Through real-world use cases, discover how these tools are applied across industries, highlighting their impact on productivity, decision-making, and customer engagement. Lastly, we'll navigate the challenges of implementing AI tools, addressing key considerations like investment and data privacy to ensure a smooth integration into your business ecosystem. This module is your gateway to harnessing AI tools for driving innovation and efficiency in your organization.

Get hands-on experience with AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Heygen, Jasper, and many more. The focus of these modules is to train entrepreneurs and professionals to become masters in using AI Tools to optimise or automate some processes to increase their productivity. The use cases covered are more than 40 only in these two modules, and across most corporate departments: sales, marketing, management & leadership, customer care and more. You will also get a list of more than 150+ AI tools that we’ve carefully analysed in terms of price, and highlighting postive and negative aspects of each. In this module student will learn how to: create blog posts for their websites; do market research; create beautiful corporate visuals, logos, and videos, clone yourself digitally; craft your own GPT; generate beautiful presentations…and all in few minutes!

Explore the moral and legal terrain of AI. Unpack the pressing need to weave ethics into the fabric of AI innovation, spotlighting issues like algorithmic bias and the quest for privacy in a surveillance-prone world. Peek into how AI is reshaping the workforce and sparking debates on economic equity. Navigate the intricate web of AI and Intellectual Property, pondering over who holds the reins to AI-created wonders and the maze of patenting AI tech. Shift gears to data privacy, unearthing strategies to shield data from prying eyes and misuse, all while walking through the corridors of legal frameworks like the EU AI Act, shedding light on its significance for businesses and developers alike. Embark on this module not just for insights but for inspiration, to champion AI advancements that honor our collective ethical values and legal standards, ensuring a tech-driven future that's both thrilling and just.

In this module we take a moment just for you, to look back at the journey you've gone through, from discovering AI's roots to witnessing its profound influence on SMEs. This module is your personal recap, a moment to reflect on the milestones you've encountered—the understanding of AI's mechanics, the practical tools you've learned to wield, and the real-world examples that have shown you what's possible. Yet, this is also where you gaze forward, curious about the next wave of AI advancements and how they will shape the future you're stepping into. Here, we have glance at the upcoming trends, the ethical evolutions, and the technological breakthroughs that await. This final chapter isn't just a summary; it's a bridge to your future, where you continue to innovate, adapt, and lead in your business with AI as your steadfast companion. Let's embrace this transition together, ready for the adventures that lie ahead.

Meet our Professors


Fiorenzo Comini

Founder of navAI, MBA, ex TooGoodToGo and AI Tools Expert

Has launched Udemy course with more than 12’000 students

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Bas Steunebrink, PhD

Co-Founder of NNAISENSE, Post-Doc in AI, Opinion Leader in AGI

Co-Author of the famous book “The Road to General Intelligence”

& Contributors

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Anastasiia Oliinyk

Ex-Microsoft Startup Program Manager with focus on AI and Business Development Manager for several startups

1 - 2024-03-21T225152.982

Irina Kordonska

Educational Designer, AI Educator and Technical Writer

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Gaetano Biondo, CEO of Linkfloyd - Web Will Rock You!

Anastasia - Independent Translator

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Frequently asked questions

Our program is ideal for business owners, startup founders, CXOs, sales and marketing managers, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs who are eager to leverage AI tools to improve their business operations, customer experience, and decision-making processes.

By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of AI and generative AI, be able to recognize hotspots for AI integration, learn how to effectively prompt with AI tools, and identify and integrate suitable AI tools across all departments of your company. Additionally, you'll gain knowledge on how to automate and optimize processes with AI and how to leverage AI ethically.

Our course stands out by focusing not just on the theoretical aspects of AI but on practical, real-world applications that can directly impact your business's efficiency and profitability. You'll learn from leading experts in the field and gain insights that are immediately applicable to your business context.

While a basic understanding of business operations is beneficial, there are no strict prerequisites. The course is designed to cater to professionals across various roles and industries who are keen to drive innovation and efficiency in their organizations through AI.

Yes, upon the completion of our Executive Master you will receive a signed certificate with a unique serial number, as you can see in the image attached. You will also be able to share it on social media channels, such as LinkedIn. 

Yes, since the program is self-paced, you will be able to decide how quick or less quick you will complete it.  

No, you will be granted access for 12 months! Yes, you will be able to come back any time after the 2 months to refresh up your memory about something. 

Once a month, by the end of April 2024, we will be organising community meet-ups where you will be able to share your experience with AI tools and solutions, as well as ask questions. It is a great occasion to meet people like you – hungry for AI and an optimised business! 

During the course the team of navAI Academy will assist you in case you will have questions. By the end of April 2024, you will also be able to access coaching sessions and AI audits to enhance your company or your personal routine with the right AI solutions. 

Yes! Our course doesn’t require knowledge or experience in AI, GenAI, programming, data science, or anything related to tech. You just need a computer, a suitable internet connection, and hunger for knowledge.

After successfully completing our course, you will gain the following practical skills: AI Leadership, AI Tools Use, AI & GenAI Business Application, Process Optimization, Process Automation, Legal AI, Ethical AI. 

Yes, if there will be advancements in AI tools and solutions covered in the program, we will update lessons or add new ones, where needed.